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  • Adult Conference: "Evidence-based Management and Treatment of Adult Dysphagia"
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  • Adult Conference: "Evidence-based Management and Treatment of Adult Dysphagia"

Adult Conference: "Evidence-based Management and Treatment of Adult Dysphagia"

  • 07 Aug 2013
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Boston University, Boston, MA 02215


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Course Description
Unfortunately, many SLPs are unfamiliar with applying evidence-based research (EBR) often resulting in poor patient outcomes. This course will educate participants in EBR with non-instrumental assessments and therapies to facilitate normalization of deglutition, minimize risk of aspiration pneumonia and optimize quality of life.

This workshop is offered for .20 CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

Learner Outcomes

  1. Strengthen reliability and effectiveness of diagnostics by applying evidence-based research (EBR) using non-instrumental screens and assessments.
  2. Understand key elements posing risk for pathogenesis of aspiration pneumonia.
  3. Discriminate between normal and pathophysiology of deglutition in the older adult population.
  4. Comprehend exercise principles of rehabilitation.
  5. Identify strengths and limitations of both compensatory and rehabilitative swallow therapies through application of EBR.
  1. 6:00-6:20 Non-instrumental Assessments
    • Screens - 3-ounce water swallow test and TOR-BSST
    • Clinical Swallow Evaluation (CSE)
        - standardized – MASA
        - other protocols – BED, SAFE, ASHA CSE
        - Supplemental – FOIS, EAT-10
        - Cervical auscultation, pulse oximetry
  2. 6:20-6:30 Aspiration Pneumonia
    • Oral care, dependence of feeding and oral care
  3. 6:30-6:45 Age-related changes in deglutition with the older adult
  4. 6:45-7:05 Compensatory Techniques
    • Postures
    • Bolus modification
        - Protocol 201/thickened liquids
        - Temperature/taste
    • Thermal-tactile Stimulation (TTS)
  5. 7:05-7:50 Rehabilitation
    • Non-swallow exercises
        - Shaker
        - Tongue strengthening
        - LSVT
        - EMST
        - Pharyngeal squeeze
        - Falsetto
        - EPG
    • “Swallow” exercises
        - Mendelsohn maneuver
        - Effortful swallow
        - Supraglottic swallow maneuver/Super
        - MDTP
        - Masako
        - Pharyngocise
        - NMES
  6. 7:50-8:00 Questions
Speaker Biography
Keri Vasquez Miloro, MS, CCC-SLP, BRS-S,has over 12 years of experience working with adults in acute and sub-acute facilities specializing in the treatment and management of dysphagia. She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at Boston University and actively involved in research with a focus on rehabilitation. Keri has presented at the Dysphagia Research Society’s annual conference and the ASHA convention.
She is a board recognized specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders and recipient of 5 awards for continuing education recognized by ASHA. She has taught several dysphagia lectures at the graduate level and clinical instructor of over 25 students. She is employed at Genesis Rehab Services where she has developed and presented several education modules in the area of dysphagia.
Disclosure Statement:
Financial: No relevant financial disclosures exist. Non-financial: Research completed at Boston University Medical Center.

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