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Vice President of Advocacy: Jenn Mackey, M.A., CCC-SLP

MSHA Governmental Affairs: Irene Gofman Brettman, M.S., CCC-SLP 

The Massachusetts State Legislature passes SLP provisional licensure bill

Thanks to the countless hours of advocacy by the MSHA Executive Committee along with hundreds of members, students, and allies, H.5094 - providing provisional licensure to speech-language pathologists during their Clinical Fellowship - has been passed and signed by the Governor on November 11, 2022!

We are continuing to work hard to ensure that the process of producing the regulations that support implementation of this bill proceed smoothly. The Board of Registration for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology has scheduled a meeting on March 6, 2023 to discuss these

Thank you to everyone who has written, called, and testified in support of our graduate students and their early career goals.

Update: May 10, 2023

The most recent meeting of the Board of Licensure was on May 1, 2023. The draft regulations were discussed and revisions approved. These revisions are being recorded by the Counsel for the Board. From there, the regulations will be sent to the Director of the Bureau of Health Professions. Once he approves these, a public hearing must be scheduled at least 6 weeks from the date the Regulations were approved. If there are no substantive revisions that come out of the public hearing, things should move pretty quickly from there.

We will provide an update once we know when this public hearing will occur.

Update: May 25, 2023

As stated in the Spring issue of The Voice, the staff at the Board of Registration is committed to helping individuals who are about the start their Clinical Fellowship (CF) in MA by preparing them for Provisional Licensure. Individuals should contact the Board immediately ( to receive information about the application as well as pertinent updates on the implementation of Provisional Licensure.

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