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Self Study: Contemporary Considerations in Auditory Processing Disorders

  • 01 Aug 2024
  • 12:00 AM
  • 31 Aug 2024
  • 11:59 PM
  • Self-Study


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Contemporary Considerations in Auditory Processing Disorders

August 1-31, 2024

Members: $10

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This session will focus on an overview of current aspects of auditory processing disorders in children and adults and the role of audiologists and speech/language pathologists with this population. Characteristics of APD will be discussed and the “science” behind this disorder will be highlighted. Assessment of auditory related disorders related to APD will be discussed with specific techniques described including obtaining authentic assessment information. An overview of treatment and management options will be presented. Treatment will focus on “building a better auditory system” by taking advantage of neural plasticity. Management recommendations will focus on how people with APD in their real world listening situations. Cases will be included in the discussion.

Gail M. Whitelaw, PhD

Learner Outcomes
At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Define current consideration in auditory processing disorder
2. Describe assessment protocols and the role of an interdisciplinary team
3. Discuss management strategies
4. List treatment approaches including technology and aural rehabilitation

Time-Ordered Agenda
5 minutes: Introduction
25 minutes: APD: What it is and what it's not. Critical issues in hearing and listening
30 minutes: Assessment of auditory processing disorders: Interdisciplinary issues and the role of a team
15 minutes: Special populations: mTBI, students with dyslexia, younger children, people who identify as neuro-diverse
15 minutes: Service Documentation
35 minutes: Overview of treatment/management
20 minutes: Questions and wrap-up

About the Presenter

Gail M. Whitelaw, Ph.D. is a clinical associate professor of audiology and the Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. She provides direct clinical services and is a preceptor for Doctor of Audiology (AuD) students in their clinical experiences. She is also an educational audiology consultant to school districts and provided contract services to school districts in Central Ohio for more than 25 years. Dr. Whitelaw’s clinical interests are in the areas of auditory processing disorders (APD) in children and adults, tinnitus and sound tolerance issues, and patients with traumatic brain injury. She teaches courses in pediatric audiology, tinnitus, and professional issues in audiology and speech/language pathology.

Disclosure Statements

Financial: Gail receives a salary as a clinical associate professor of Audiology and the Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
Non-financial: Gail serves on the honors and awards committee of the American Academy of Audiology. Gail is a board member of the accreditation commission for Aud. Ed. She is an editorial reviewer for the American Tinnitus Association.

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