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Self-Study: Hot Topics in Hearing Loss Across the Ages

  • 21 Jun 2023
  • 30 Jun 2023
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Self-Study: Hot Topics in Hearing Loss Across the Ages

Available June 1-30

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During this presentation the importance of hearing throughout the lifespan will be discussed, starting with newborn hearing screening and monitoring hearing throughout life. The effects of hearing loss at different points in life will be discussed. Obviously hearing is important for development of speech and language, but later on in life it can be a risk factor for cognitive issues. 

A review of an audiogram and hearing loss will be presented as will a review of auditory processing and the evaluation of CAPD. 

About the Speaker

Sandra Stumpf Reams, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA
American Board of Audiology Certified
Certificate Holder in Tinnitus Management (CH-TM)
Audiology Services, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital- Cape Cod

Sandra has been an audiologist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod for over 25 years. Her patient population is pediatrics and adult. Her specialties are diagnostic audiology, auditory processing, and hearing aid dispensing. 

Learner Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Participants will be able to describe the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive changes
  2. Participants will demonstrate understanding of the rationale for newborn hearing screenings in the context of the MA Department of Health Universal Screening program.
  3. Participants will be able to identify the components of an assessment for a Central Auditory Processing Disorder.


  • 5 minutes: Introduction and disclosures
  • 25 minutes: Review of hearing loss, the audiogram, interpretation of hearing tests
  • 30 minutes: Hearing loss in children. The MA DPH Universal Newborn Hearing Program
  • 30 minutes: Central Auditory Processing Disorder and how it is assessed and types of deficits
  • 20 minutes: Hearing loss and impacts on cognition in older individuals.
  • 10 minutes: Questions and answers


Financial Disclosure: Sandra receives a salary as an audiologist for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod (SCC). She is receiving an honorarium for this presentation.

Non-financial Disclosure: Sandra is a member of the MSHA executive board. She is a member of ASHA and AAA. She is an audiologist at SCC Tier 3 for MA DPH UNHS. Sandy is a supervising audiologist for UNHS Nantucket and Cottage Hospitals. She is an ASHA - audiological representative for the Massachusetts Council of Ambassadors.

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