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The Big Give for Autism - #AutismBigGive

  • 17 Sep 2015

The Autism Society is currently in the midst of our largest advocacy, awareness and fundraising campaign ever and we hope you'll consider helping us spread the word.

The campaign, called The Big Give for Autism (Big Give) is a social media event meant to engage and educate people about autism and autism spectrum disorder between now and September 17.


On September 17, all those involved will be asked to stand with those on the spectrum and pledge their support by making a donation in a landmark 24-hour giving event.

As a provider through Autism Sourceā„¢, you understand the needs of those we serve have and the opportunities that abound given the right support, so we hope that you'll team with us in promoting the Big Give for Autism.


The simplest way that you can help us promote the Big Give for Autism is for you to "like" and re-post on your social media channels any of our posts containing the hashtag #AutismBigGive.


If you are interested and willing to help us promote the Big Give for Autism more extensively please contact Michael Leaver our Director of Development at


Thank you for your support.


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