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HB 3879

MSHA Legislative Update
February 2016 

The Massachusetts Speech Language and Hearing Association is pleased to announce that House Bill 228, an act providing provisional licensure for speech-language pathologists, was recommended to move forward and is now named House Bill 3879! It is has moved to the Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing. The Senate Chair is James Welch of Springfield area and the House Chair is Jeffrey Sanchez of Jamaica Plain. Barbara L'Italien (Licensure committee co-chair) is a member on the Senate side.


Please find information regarding the bill here and Or visit MSHA's own Medicare Blog "Medicare Policy: Clinical Fellows and H.3879."


The Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing sees hundreds of bills a year. There are 40 or more bills ahead of ours. With MSHA’s advocacy efforts we will aim for a hearing and then for a Vote on the bill, ensuring its passage by May, 2016 to benefit the current Master’s degree graduating class by this May.

MSHA will continue to advocate for passage of HB. 3879 and thank you all for your continued support and commitment to the advocacy efforts of our profession.


MSHA has been actively engaged in working to ensure passage of HB. 3879. Adopting this bill will allow therapists in their clinical fellowship to possess a provisional license and, thus, bill insurers and provide patients, students, and clients with uninterrupted therapy services. 


Why We Support HB. 3879

House Bill 3879: An Act providing for provisional licensure for speech-language pathologists would limit, if not end, the inability of a therapist to work while waiting for final approval from the Board of Professional Licensure in Speech Language Pathology.HB. 3879 would allow those clinicians transitioning into Massachusetts, with a valid license from another state, to work while awaiting permanent licensure

If you would like more information about HB.3879,  have questions about other bills MSHA is tracking, or would like to assist the GAC in its advocacy efforts, please contact Briana O'Neill at If you would like to know who your legislators are and/or how to contact them, please visit the General Court of Massachusetts at

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